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11 Apr 2018

[Coach Ari] Of course I know myself! ...Don't I?

Health and wellness is SO MUCH more than just hitting the gym. It takes discipline, time and motivation. Many people think it stops there.  "Well, if I just dedicate some time to workout then I'll get back in shape!" Unfortunately, life isn't always that simple. We have feelings, emotions and...
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02 Apr 2018

[Coach Karlee] Control Your Inner Jargon

Jargon? What Jargon? The mind is a crazy thing. It can either pump you up or completely tear you down. For many athletes and individuals being physically prepared is only half of the battle. The other half is being mentally prepared.  What does your “inner jargon” sound like? Do you have a...
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25 Feb 2018

[Coach Karlee] Change is GOOD

Change….. Change is hard. Change is necessary. Change is good. Over the last year of my life, I have gone through a lot of change. At first, it is always scary but once the change starts to occur, it can be so good and brings about so much growth.  I think a lot of times we all get stuck...
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05 Feb 2018

[Coach Joe] If I Were The Last Person On Earth

“If I were the last person on earth, would I still do what I do?” This is a question posed by Steven Pressfield in his book The War of Art.  In itself it is a simple yes or no answer, however when we delve a little deeper is when things get interesting. Apply this situation to anything...
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15 Jan 2018

[Coach Christina] 7 Steps To Reading Nutrition Labels.....PROPERLY

Nutrition Labels: What They Mean   Nutrition can be overwhelming.   What to get enough of, what to avoid, how much to consume, what to look for.   The majority of people are unsure how to read a nutrition label which ultimately means they are unsure of what their...
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04 Jan 2018

[Coach Joe] Why be Fat and Ugly When You Can Just Be Ugly Instead?

I have news for a whole lot of people.... This news is something that no one wants to admit but applies to more of us than we think.  What I’m about to tell you is a problem that can be addressed, but first needs to be recognized and clarified. The fact is that there is a pretty decent...
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