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15 Aug 2017

[Coach Joe] The Sport Of Life: How An Athlete Reinvents Themselves After Sports

Sports give you a purpose. It doesn’t matter if it was the next practice, the next game, the next tournament, the next championship, there was always a next. Then one day all of that’s all gone. There is no more next. Your sports career is done, and you feel totally lost. All of a...
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29 Jul 2017

ATTENTION LADIES: You’ve Been Lied To...Why Your Workout Program Doesn't Work

ATTENTION LADIES: You’ve Been Lied To! Yup that’s right.  I hate to say it but it’s true. You’ve been lead to believe that lifting 3 pound weights and dancing around the room is going to get you strong, lean, and fit. Now, yes someone that is new to exercise will benefit from that...
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24 Jul 2017

The Simple Nutrition Plan For The Single Dude

Let’s face it. . . for most guys going to the grocery store is a nightmare. With endless aisles and shelves of foods we can barely pronounce combined with labels touting products as “natural” and “healthy”, the entire experience can be stressful for some to downright traumatic for...
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11 Jul 2017

Do Your ACTIONS Align With Your RESULTS????

If someone were to follow you around for 24 hours and only having your actions, not your words, to consider, would they be able to guess what your goals are? This was a question asked by Kyle Snyder, an athlete at The Ohio Regional Training Center, where Ohio State Varsity wrestlers train...
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11 Jul 2017

5 Key Components Of An EFFECTIVE Training Program

In a world of quick-fixes and magic solutions to major problems everyone seems to be looking for the “shortcut.”  Unfortunately, after hundreds of years of research in fitness and nutrition scientists have yet to discover a magic pill or “shortcut” for achieving your weight loss goals. ...
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02 Jan 2017

The Second, Third, and Fourth Step To A SUCCESSFUL New Years Resolution

Well. . . . Yesterday was the day....January 1st, 2017. The day that you told everyone or at least yourself that things were going to change. . . The day that you decided was going to be the day that you do things differently. . . So . . .Tell me. What did you do differently? What steps did you...
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